How do I make an enquiry?

To generate an enquiry and make use of our sublimation services, it would be perfect if you have a design in mind.

If you simply want to spend some time putting together your ideal garment(s). Let us know the garments that you would like as well as an ideal of what you would like and we will draw your design.

If you have an idea in mind simply email the design to info@gymkhanasports.net.

There are 3 ways in which we can be contacted. These are by

Email – info@gymkhanasports.net

Phone – +92 52 4266923

What is the difference between sublimation and screen printing?

During sublimation the ink becomes a gas, absorbing and becoming part of the fabric. This is totally different from screen printing, where the ink is deposited on the surface of the fabric, suffocating the technical fabric’s characteristic ability to breath. Sublimation, on the other hand, allows the garment to maintain its technical characteristics, continuing to breath and wick moisture away from the body.

Sublimation allows you to sublimate over the entire garment and is not limited to blocks of prints as in screen printing.

Does Dye Sublimation offer good value for money?

In some situations, dye sublimation can be cheaper than our cut and sew garments. If you are a club wanting to add sponsors, badges, logos, names and numbers then all of this can be put onto your garment with no additional set-up or application charges. It will be time consuming, problematic and the result would be inferior to sublimation.

How long will the sublimation print last?

Sublimation printing will last the life span of the fabric. It cannot be washed out as it becomes the part of the fabric during the process.

What if you don't have a section for my sport?

If we don’t have a section for your sport you can email info@gymkhanasports.net and we can provide you with a size chart. It can go the other way around and you provide us with a size chart and we develop the garment for you.

How many designs are there for me to choose from?

With dye sublimation there are absolutely no limits. Unlike cut and sew products dye sublimation offers a completely blank canvas. Simply select the garment you wish to order and let your imagination run free.

Can I get help in customizing a certain design?

We are here to do just that. Just email us and we will be happy only too help you through the custom process and answer any questions that you may have.

Can I add numbers, crests and logos?

Yes, you can add unlimited logos, numbers and crests when designing your garment. This is one of the beauties of sublimation. Anything you want to incorporate into your design is added during development. Unlike printing and embroidery there are no set up charges or application fees.

Where can I put my logos?

The flexibility of Dye Sublimation allows you to do anything with freedom with regard to logo location. It can be standard chest or back logos or something a little different such as on the collar or sleeves of garments. Anything is a possibility as long as it is on the garment.

Am I limited to the number of colours I can have?

We use Pantone colour matching services. There are 1755 colour shades in Pantone solid coated. These can be used without any trouble. If you have any special colour, that can be matched with a physical sample.

Are there any design limitations?

There are a couple of limitations customers should be aware of when creating the design.

Crossing the seams. Due to the sublimation and sewing processes most designs that go directly across the seams cannot be done or are strongly discouraged. This is because during both the sublimation and sewing process the exact location of the sublimation images have a slight variance from piece to piece, and from size to size, which does not allow designs to match up 100% from front to back or sleeve to body, etc. In addition, one size design is used for all apparel sizes, which means how a design falls on the seams of a small will be different than how it falls on an XL.

Artwork is sized to one size garment, and then used on all sizes. As a result, if your design goes right to the seam, where it falls, in relations to the seam, will vary from size to size.

Why cotton is not offered in sublimation?

Sublimation can only be done on man made fabrics like polyester, nylon, lycra etc. Because of this, all  garments offered by us are made of man made fabrics. All garments are made of 100% Polyester or a blend of technical fabrics that provides excellent wicking and breath-ability. The new man made fabrics are made so that they can drain sweat away from the body and disperse it. This results in a fabric which is cool during summer and warm in winter.

Can I see a sample of the garment for size or colour?

We will be happy to supply samples for sizing or colour match purposes. We charge for each sample which is non-refundable including any postage / carriage costs.

When do I pay for my order and how do you accept payment?

We ask for a 50% deposit on all orders which can be paid through bank or Western Union. Orders will not commence until the deposit is received. We will also require the balance paid before we deliver the order.

What happens if everything arrives and something is wrong?

If a problem or miss-communication happens you should contact us to discuss it. Most problems are minor in nature, if however, the problem is too obvious, we may request that you return the goods with a full remake of your order. Your satisfaction is very important to us and we will take all reasonable actions to provide a better solution. We appreciate your patience and understanding that short run, customer direct manufacturing is a complicated process and on occasion results may not exactly equal the customer’s visualization of the end product. We do however guarantee quality and reasonable customer satisfaction.

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