About Sublimation

Sublimation is the process of printing man made fabrics.

A special paper is digitally printed with the design. Paper is heat presses onto the fabric. This heat then causes the ink to turn into a coloured gas. It is this gas which penetrates the fibres of the fabric and dyes the fabric to that colour. The result is even better than the dyed yarn.

The printed fabric has no ink on the surface or layer. Which means that you can not even feel the print.

The fabric’s ability to hold colours can range from soft vivid, without loosing any clarity. Sublimation enables virtually any design to be produced with a colour and clarity not previously possible.

Sublimation is by far the most impressive and detailed way to customize your sports, corporate or promotional clothing, allowing for endless design possibilities without added expense.

ANYTHING’S POSSIBLE!!! If you can draw it, it can be done!

Sublimation allows us to manufacture a variety of different garments with the exact same exciting designs introducing an unmatched level of unity in your team or company.

Sublimated clothing has a lower carbon foot print than cotton fabrics and they last way longer than any screen printing or any other form of printing.

Sublimation has no match for the best results in printing fabric.

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