GM012 MMA Shorts

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Avalaible Fabrics

Technical Specs :

110-115 g/m2 | 100% Polyester | Woven/Twill

Microfiber refers to an ultra-fine fiber that can be woven or knit into a very high quality fabric construction. One important characteristic of microfiber fabrics is that they can be woven so tightly that the fabric can’t be penetrated by wind or rain. Microfibers also have a wicking ability that allows perspiration to pass through the fabric.

Benefits of microfibers:

* Ultra fine – finer than the most delicate silk
* Luxurious – very soft, feels like silk or suede
* Washable, dry cleanable
* High strength and shrink-resistant
* Comfortable – offers insulation and breath-ability

Micro Stretch has a 2-way stretch characteristic, and has the same advantages as all polyester fibers including a very quiet and soft hand. The material is wrinkle-resistant, is a comfortable fabric, and has good wind and water resistance. The stretch fiber offers comfort and allows freedom of movement. The fabric dries quickly and prints very well, making it also popular for dye sublimation.

This fabric is used in all athletic markets, from shorts to golf windshirts and workout pants. It is also used in the extreme (ultimate) fighting shorts.

Technical Specs :

170-180 g/m2 | 8% Lycra/ 92% Polyester |

A synthetic fiber known for its exceptional elasticity and  significant strength and its ability to return to the original shape after stretching and faster drying than ordinary fabrics.

Fast evaporation and moisture transport ensures fast drying performance that keeps you cool and won’t weigh you down. This fabric can be used in tight or standard fit. Compression fit is ideal for muscle support and increased circulation resulting in higher efficiency output and increased stamina.